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G2G 10 May, Open Meeting

9 months ago

First time for everything!!!!! Bridging some gaps as this is an open invitation to non-patched riders!!!!! We are not looking at herding anyone in for a slaughter. As a matter of fact, this is the saf... Read more

Updated Protocols

Protocols, G2G, New Chapters, 11 months ago

This week during the G2G, the revised protocols were put to the presidents present, [79 clubs were represented] and all the amendments got explained, discussed and then voted on. We have updated the protocols page here on the website, so feel free to study them at length. The most notable sections a...

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moratorium, wcpm, G2G, 1 year ago

On October 5th 2016, the Western Cape Presidents Meet voted unanimously that a 1 year moratorium would be put in place on the start of new clubs.

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